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Walther Neto



As a composer, he has written, produced and arranged music for films, documentaries, television shows,

musical artists, theater, live shows and art installations.
As a director, he has directed documentaries, feature films, television shows, music videos,

musical theater, short films, corporate events, museums, and art installations.


Film, Theater Soundtrack

O Mundo Elementar - MusicalWalther Neto
00:00 / 07:15
A Ceia de NatalWalther Neto
00:00 / 03:21
Fantasia de NatalWALTHER NETO
00:00 / 07:28
00:00 / 01:32
Suite Entre Dois Mundos- FilmeWalther Neto
00:00 / 04:19
O SonhoWalther Neto
00:00 / 04:39
O Nascimento - MusicalWALTHER NETO
00:00 / 06:37
00:00 / 03:03

Directing, Productions, Soundtrack, , Sound Designer



Walther Neto is a Brazilian director, pianist, composer, conductor, music filmmaker and artistic director who lives in Sao Paulo and performs classical, jazz and contemporary formations. He studies composition and conducting at Faculdades de Artes Alcantara Machado with prof. Ricardo Rizeck, Flavio Florence, Marilia Pini, Ricardo Lobo and others.

From 1987 to 1989 he worked as orchestra conductor, pianist and arranger at the Palladium, a Broadway theater in Sao Paulo, in the entertainment musicals of Abelard Figueiredo, with great Brazilian artists such as Miele, Pery Ribeiro, Claudia, Cauby Peixoto, Angela Maria, Dercy Golçalves, Celia, Tony Ramos, Agnaldo Rayol, The Chordettes, The Diamond Under the musical direction of Maestro Jose Briamont, they improved their academic knowledge of popular and classical music through practical experience, developing knowledge of Brazilian music and refining their skills as arrangers and composers. In the 90s began his contact with the Brazilian TV and composed songs for several opening shows TV on SBT, Record Tv channels.

He traveled to Japan for a season and took over the musical direction for a Brazilian cabaret show with the famous Brazilian singer Claudia. Back in Brazil, he took over the musical direction of the famous folk singers Leandro and Leonardo in their first performances at the Canecão Theater in Rio de Janeiro and TV Globo Musical Show Programs. He became arranger, composer and music director for many TV shows, live artists shows, theater and documentaries.

From 1995 to 2012 he began studying television and film directing, cinematography, editing and television engineering in Brazil and the United States. He directed several documentaries and recordings of operas in Sofia, Bulgaria, England, Manaus and Belém, sports documentaries, television programs such as Rally dos Sertões, BSP Poker, as well as TV specials such as Contigo TV Prize for MGM and E !, short films, music videos.

All these studies have led him to have extensive professional experience in film directing, music production, composer, musicals, music for TV, film music composition and multimedia projects.



waltherneto@uol.com.br   |   +55 11 99176-2092
WN Produções  |  wn@wnproducoes.com.br  |  +55 11 5055-8552